This Turbo Boosts Global Warming

Weekly Dose of Automotive Stuff #110

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Videos used:

Turbo Jet Engine –

Float Truck –

Diesel Drag Car –

Chrysler Police Car –

Plane Hitting Bridge –

300ZX Burnout Fail –

Snickers Tank –

Ostrich Race –

Billy’s Turbo Nova Neighbour –

Big Turbo Engine Under The Hood POV –

Continental V12 –

Scraper Drift –

Wheel Vehicle Thingy-

Wheel Explosion (I think?) –

Acura Swapped VW Bus –

Reaction To Mustang –

Rare Aixam Mega Track –

Corrado Clutch Dumping Burnout –

Greasy Engine –

Offroad Miatas getting some air –

Renault Twingo Boat –

CanAm Maverick –

Jeep Crawler –

Ferrari Strategy Reaction –

Music Used:


​ @Fuzzeke – A Great Day

Dj Quads – The Improv



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