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Thomas Sowell Talks About Global Warming #Shorts

Thomas Sowell Talks About Global Warming #Shorts
In this video, economist Thomas Sowell discusses the idea of global warming and why he believes that it is likely a natural phenomenon. He mentions how the earth’s climate has always been changing naturally and the evidence of this can be seen in ice core samples and ancient tree rings. He makes the point that the impact of human activities on the climate is much smaller than natural events like El Niño and sunspot cycles. He then dispels the notion that rising CO2 levels are directly causing global warming, stating that correlation does not equal causation. Finally, he warns against the potential costs of implementing drastic measures to fight global warming when there is no real proof that humans are causing it.
Thomas Sowell is a renowned economist and author who has written extensively on the history of race and slavery. In this short, he covers the basics of the history of slavery and how it came about. If you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation of the history of race and slavery, then this is the video for you!Fellow.

His philosophical and economic theories are furthered by this medium.
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