Monday , May 20 2024
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UK to Declare State of Climate Emergency (Urdu)

In 1700s, British inventor James Watt catapulted Britain to the position of a global power by introducing steam-engine boiler. On May 1, three centuries later, Britain has declared it a ‘climate emergency’ saying the experiment has run its course. But declaring it an ‘emergency’ is not enough
For that, the government-appointed Committee on Climate Change recommended UK reach ‘net-zero’ greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050 using existing technologies.
If the UK approves the recommendations, it will become the first major economy to set legally binding climate goals in line with Paris Agreement.
The costs of low-carbon technologies, from solar and wind to batteries and carbon capture, are falling, and in many places renewables are replacing fossil fuels
Such moments have come before, and there’s no guarantee other rich countries will follow the UK’s lead. But the chances have never looked better, and the world needs to act with urgency.
On Monday, the UN’s top research body on nature published an 1800-page report in which world scientists say that humans have wreaked havoc on the environment
Maybe now it’s time we STOP!


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