Sunday , July 14 2024
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Vampires & Global Warming [Final Project]

Hello, my name is Matilda, I’m a Creative Media Production student at Henley College.

This is what I have been working on for the past few months, a project that combines vampires and global issues (mainly global warming).
I have only just realised that I have misspelled centuries wrong – thank you Laura for pointing that out… I can’t really re upload it now but I shall not make a mistake next time.

For more information visit:

The character was inspired by Raythe Reign’s book Ever Dark.

Lucas – Actor
Rio – Voice Actor
Lucy – Actor
Rita – Actor
Harriot – second hand man (thank you so much for keeping me sane)
Lucy – transport (Car driver)

Special thank you to Josh who let me borrow his tripod :’) a true life saver

We were recording at Farnborough, Ash Rangers.
Ash Rangers is an MOD sight (if red flag is visible, do not enter) with stunning views. We went a good 2 and a half hours there filming and admiring the scenery.
I assure you now, if you go there you will not be able to tell we were even there. Everything was left as we found it.

Youth by Daughter
Bang by AJR

Edited & directed by Matilda Ogston


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Environmentalist, Futurist, Lightworker, Wannabe naturalist. The way we are treating our world and environment is not going to end well! We need to change course NOW.

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