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What inspired you to become an environmentalist? For many of us during the clim…

What inspired you to become an environmentalist? ???????? For many of us during the climate movement, we all have unique or shared collective stories in how the environment relates to us. I’m here to share five personal stories / wow moments that made me realize why I was passionate about the environment.

1.) I didn’t grow up having access to clean air in Los Angeles, California, and realizing when growing up that so many people in my community were developing asthma-related issues. Through this, I became invested in learning about environmental justice and how environmental racism affects BIPOC low-income communities based on their zip code (indicator or health, race, and class). 2.) Learning the large scale detrimental effects of industrial agriculture is linked to colonialism, and a variety of farming practices/lands have been taken away from Black/ Brown farmers across the United States. Investing in polyculture, agroecological methods, and ancestral knowledge is important.

3.) Becoming Vegan for me meant a lot to me because of the cruelty that is seen both in human and non-human species. Farmworkers are undocumented and do not have access to physical/mental health care. Animals are being slaughtered and are injected with tons of antibiotics to make them plump. Also, let’s not forget how it’s linked to environmental racism within workers and local communities.

4.) The amount of waste that is continually being generated by single-use plastics is a huge issue. We have a growing concern about where this waste is going. E-waste, for example, is leading to environmental racism in countries like the Philippines, whereas consumers ourselves are not properly recycling Electronics.

5.) Activism is interconnected; it’s not single-issue activism. When we talk about environmentalism, we need to be understanding how other social justice issues are connected. We can’t only be talking about certain topics when excluding other minority groups (mainly BIPOC) who have been doing grassroots activism fighting for the livelihoods of their communities.

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