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Who is responsible for Climate Change ? | Different Nazariya | Hindi

In this video, I’m going to take you through the different aspects of climate change and how it is impacting our mundane life. Taking you through the steps taken in this direction and who all stakeholders are involved, and what needs to be done in the coming future. Because as part of the third world countries, we are at the forefront of the highest risk caused due to Climate change.

Climate change refers to the drastic changes in climate conditions and weather patterns on Earth. The impact of Climate change is evident since the 1800s from the beginning of the industrial age.
Now if we talk about Climate Change, the very first question that raises is, who is responsible for Climate Change?
Well if we look at the historical evidence and data, it is evident that all the developed countries like the USA, EU (Including UK), Russia, Canada, Japan, and Australia are jointly responsible for up to 65% of emissions. India is the 3rd largest emitter in the world at present and china is the biggest emitter from the last 15 odd years. Taking all of this into consideration, Historical Responsibility is extremely important, because there are certain gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc which stay for a longer period of time in our environment and contribute to raising temperatures at global level.

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Hey! I am Rakshit and this channel was started as an initiative to be able to spread awareness. High level of awareness helps in the evolution of a person and take better decisions. A neutral and unbiased presentation is what I strive for and seek to deliver. If I find your views better than mine then I am liberal enough to accept your views.

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✒ After watching this video you’ll have following knowledge :
☞ How climate change impacts the economy
☞ Where climate change is happening
☞ When climate change started
☞ Role of Developed nations in climate change
☞ Is climate change real
☞ Climate change solutions

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