Who should pay for climate change damage? – BBC Newsnight

The effects of climate change have a cost and Loss and Damage compensation has formally made it on the COP27 climate summit agenda for the first time.

Newsnight’s Science Correspondent Kate Lamble looks at exactly what this may mean for many developing countries, which have low fossil fuel emissions but have suffered heavy consequences from climate change, with infrastructures washed away and population forced to relocate.

Gaston Browne from the Alliance of the Small Island States, who dubbed the compensation of countries most affected by the devastating effects of climate change as “climate justice”, advocates for holding large producers of fossil fuel energy to account.

However, developed nations have long been resistant to the idea they may hold any legal liability. Professor Lisa Vanhala from UCL argues this resistance has grown over time, with its culmination at the 2021 Glasgow COP26 when the US and the EU rejected the Loss and Damage proposal put forward by developing countries.

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