With increasing frequency, people are curious to know about how I reconcile how …

With increasing frequency, people are curious to know about how I reconcile how much I travel with the climate change crisis.

While I don’t believe all the responsibility should be placed on individuals (even if they do travel a lot), I can’t ignore the fact that I personally have a larger carbon footprint than the average person. And yes, I do care about that.

But it’s not as simple as saying that I’ll stop traveling, or that I’ll stop telling others to travel. Because, at the end of the day, I still wholeheartedly believe in the power of travel to turn people into more mindful, tolerant, and compassionate human beings.

I also don’t believe that dictating to people where or how they are “allowed” to travel is productive. People are still going to travel anyway.

So instead of focusing on the negatives or attempting to guilt fellow travelers, I want to focus instead on promoting responsible, sustainable tourism as much as I can. This means writing more about issues like sustainable travel and overtourism, but also taking steps personally to make sure I’m leaving behind less of a negative impact when I travel.

I’m making some eco-related pledges this year that are published on my site (link in bio) to help keep me accountable. Some of these pledges include:

1️⃣ I pledge to be mindful of my carbon footprint. This means I will do my best to fly less, and use alternate forms of transportation whenever possible. I will combine trips and work projects to reduce the number of long-haul flights I take every year, and will carbon offset the flights that I do take.

2️⃣ I pledge to promote sustainable tourism. This means not only writing about ways to travel more responsibly, but also doing my best to support travel brands and destinations that also prioritize sustainable tourism.

3️⃣ I pledge to donate wisely. Whether it’s carbon offsetting or donating to other sustainable initiatives, I promise to do so thoughtfully. In 2020, I’ll be donating 1% of all paid marketing campaign profits to projects that are working to fight climate change around the world.

Read all my pledges over on my site – and tell me, what will YOU do this year to leave less of a negative mark?


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