‘Emotive reporting’ not 'science' links climate change to bushfires

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan says “the issues of climate change and bushfire risk are very complex” and the argument suggesting there is a link between these two issues has not been backed by scientific bodies such as the CSIRO.

Mr Canavan said when he asked the CSIRO if there was a direct link between climate change and bushfires, they were forced to admit after some stalling that “they have never been able to identify such a link”.

Speaking to the Bushfires Royal Commission, the Director of Emergency Management Australia Robert Cameron said, “if you take the impact of the changing climate into account we’re going to have, again regrettably, more disaster impacts which will stretch our capacity”.

“I get very frustrated here that people seem to rest back on the headlines and the emotive reporting and not the actual science,” Mr Canavan told Sky News host Paul Murray.

The job of EMA and others involved in responding to bushfires is simply to “try and reduce the fuel load as much as possible”.

“If there is a higher risk of bushfires from climate change, then we should be doing more fuel reduction and not less”.

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