KHAN Primetime – Week 11

Aaaand we’re back with a second season of your favorite not news show KHAN Primetime! Remember to keep reading, check out the Youth Climate Council event and sign the petitions below!

This week: men with fur suits run Russia’s arctic oil industries, Donald Trump is valiantly exercising his executive duties from the toilet in his bunker and Ilyas get’s real on race in America!

Don’t miss this week of KHAN Primetime!

Here is the event link for this Monday’s Community Webinar to Declare a Climate Emergency with the Western New York Youth Climate Council!

Here is a petition demanding legal retribution for the excessive force used on Quentin Suttles, a young black man in Buffalo who was seriously injured during the arrest for no good reason.

Here is a petition demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, a young black woman shot eight times and killed last month by police in her own home during a drug raid which apparently attacked the WRONG HOUSE. That’s a pretty lousy excuse, racist sociopaths, pretty lousy indeed.

Here’s a petition demanding justice for David McAtee, a respected local black restaurant owner who was killed by police in Louisville KY despite trying to ease tensions between police and protesters.

Here’s a petition demanding justice for Ahmad Aubrey, a young black man gunned down during a jog because he looked “suspicious.”

Here’s a petition demanding the reopening of the case of Kendrick Johnson, a young black man murdered for no sane reason by a white classmate who then used his connections to have the case dropped and go free.

Here’s a petition demanding officer Aaron Torgalski, the man who pushed down fellow Buffalo resident, BLM ally and my personal friend, Martin Gugino, causing him serious head trauma, be fired from his post at the BPD.

And last but not least here is a petition demanding justice for George Floyd, the middle aged black man killed in Minneapolis by a white police officer almost two weeks ago.

Say their names, and sign.

Please note that this is not an actual source of news media. If you feel inclined to critique us on our content, you can write your critiques on slips of paper and mail them to My Fireplace, NY, for review. Thank you!

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