Monday , May 20 2024
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#LoveEarth Online Series: Christiana Figueres On What Our New World Could Look Like

600 of us spent an hour with the amazing Christiana Figueres on Zoom, hearing about what a new, safe climate world could look like, and how we make sure we get there. We’ve come out feeling so inspired and energised. This is a longer one, but it’s worth the watch!
A conversation from the heart with one of the world’s most influential climate leaders, Christiana Figueres.

Join 1 Million Women for a conversation to ignite our inner activism. Our special guest is Christiana Figueres, former UN climate chief who led the process that resulted in 195 countries signing the historic Paris Agreement in 2015.

Christiana will inspire us all to emerge from our homes after the health crisis, with a gritty determination, more empowered than ever to tackle the climate crisis.

‘We have two choices for our future, which is still unwritten. It will be shaped by who we choose to be right now. So, how can we change the story of the world?’

In her book, The future We Choose: Surviving The Climate Crisis co-authored with Tom Rivett-Carnac, Christiana challenges us all to be stubbornly optimistic. Systemic change is deeply personal and it needs everyone, everywhere and in all of our roles. She speaks to the heart of what we do at 1 Million Women.

From her home in Costa Rica, Christiana will chat with Nat ( Natalie Isaacs, 1 Million Women Founder) and share her heart and her wisdom with us all on how we can play our part in shaping a better world. There will be lots of time for questions too.

Running our campaigns, creating our educational articles, videos and images and maintaining our climate action app is done on a shoestring by our tiny team, but we need the financial support of our movement. If you feel that our work has helped and empowered you to tackle the climate emergency and you love what we do, we’d love if you would consider becoming one of our Passionate Supporters, giving a regular monthly donation as small as $8. It would mean the world to us, and it would help us keep our content independent, focused on helping you help the planet. More information here:

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