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Evenings with Sraddhalu, part 60: Questions from viewers (11)

Evenings with Sraddhalu by Narad, part 60, December 25, 2019.

01:06 – Can the planet sustain seven billion people? Impact of planned obsolescence.

10:48 – In this climate emergency and while having faith in the Supramental Action, how to avoid being pessimistic and having the correct yogic attitude? The rises of carbon dioxide and temperature are not an issue. The need to change from a death-based economy to a life-based economy.

23:28 – On one hand marine biologists are trying to reclaim the dead coral barriers and on the other hand there is an emphasis on coal-burning plants in the US? The revival of US coal mines and steel industry.

27:23 – 99% of the things purchased in the US are thrown after 6 months.

37:23 – How can sleep help us in our sadhana or in our growth of consciousness? What practice can be done before going to sleep? How to improve our sleep? Using a dimmer and a yellow light before sleeping.

44:53 – How to undo the damage due to the current education system and social values? The Mother’s commentaries on the Dhammapada.

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