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The Degree of Disaster

The worst impacts of climate change are closer than we ever imagined. The time to act is now. The time to act is now. (via The Years Project)

Posted by Climate Reality on Thursday, November 22, 2018

Impacts of Climate Change Closer Than Imagined

The worst impacts of climate change are closer than we ever imagined. The time to act is now.  (via The Years Project)

This video was shared on Facebook. Some random comments below

  • We made our bed…….now reap the Impacts of Climate Change.
  • I think it is time that we demand the Environmental Protection Agency receive the same level of autonomy and independence as the Federal Reserve so it may focus on reducing pollutants that are driving man made climate change.
  • The problem is this in, all these people arguing instead of actually doing something, stop responding to comments on here, and start sending comments to those who are doing nothing to help.. and before anyone says anything, yes I do all I can., and I mean ALL I can to help.
  • If it is a graph since the 1980s when sun activity was low.. the statistics aren’t very good
  • Greed and power hungry politicians have pushed mother earth to the limits.
  • Wow we can only hope we last that long. At the current rate, we have less than one decade at best.
  • 6th extinction!
  • The so called ‘climate change alarmists’ been right all along..
  • The suns heat is trapping at a greater rate vs. radiating back out to space. It’s pretty simple, basically we keep putting thin blankets over the earth and those blankets are getting thicker, heat gets trapped mainly in our oceans. The earth is changing too fast. I have had the privilege of snorkeling and diving, live in the country. It’s undeniable the changes. Our scientists are to be trusted, they can get some small details wrong but overall this is all fact. Impacts of Climate Change nuff said.
  • 1.There are no IPCC scientists. Those who contribute to the IPCC are volunteers and merely review the scientific literature from the past 5 years. 2. The IPCC has not ignored the geologic record–it’s clear that you haven’t read any of the reports. 3. Sunspots aren’t related to climate. Sunspots are magnetic. 4. This is not a normal cycle, as solar output is declining and orbital cycles are negative. 4. Every planet is not warming. In fact, we know nothing about long-term climate on other planets. What is known about Mars is that its recent climate changes are driven by dust. It takes Pluto, for example, 248 years to orbit the sun.
  • Look at all this global warming snow and record cold,
  • How about we all just do one single thing…each and every person reading this…just all stop buying liquid hand soaps and shampoo and buy bars of soap and shampoo in paper wrappers that do not contain palm oil. If thousands of people just do this one we can soften the Impacts of Climate Change.
  • Why is only California burning?

Animals becoming Extinct

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